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Expert Interview with Alison Green About Hiring and Interviewing

Expert Interview with Alison Green About Hiring and InterviewingAfter a chief of staff position at a successful organization, Alison Green set out on her own and became a consultant. zu sich experience with all that HR entails, including hiring, firing, managing and promoting, gave her the expertise to be a successful consultant and expert in her field. Alison, creator of Ask a Manager, took some time to talk with us about hiring, utilizing a deckblatt letter and other interview/hiring tips. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) What is the most common mistake you see job applicants make?Can I give you two?The first one is squandering the opportunity that a cover letter can give you. Too many job seekers use their cover letter to simply summarize their resume. But with such limited initial contact, you do yourself a huge disservice if you use a whole page of your application to merely repeat the contents of the other pages. A cover letter is y our opportunity to make a compelling case for yourself as a candidate, totally aside from whats in your resume. Youre doing yourself a huge disservice if you dont use it to add something new to your candidacy information that doesnt belong on your resume like personal traits, work habits and why youre interested in the job.The second mistake that job seekers make all the time is forgetting to evaluate potential employers just as much as theyre evaluating you. In the anxiety of an interview, it can be easy to focus only on whether youre impressing your interviewer, but its crucial to remember that you should be thinking about whether you even want the job. The interview process isnt one-way you should use the time to think about whether youre the right fit for the work, the manager and the workplace culture. Otherwise, you can end up in a job where you dont excel or arent happy.How assertive should an applicant be after an interview?You should certainly send a thank-you to reiterate your interest in the position and hopefully build on the conversation that you had in the interview, but beyond that, the ball is in the employers court.Its a good idea to ask at the end of the interview when you can expect to hear back about next steps. If you do that and that time passes, then you have the perfect excuse to politely follow up. Simply drop them a quick email, explain that youre still very interested but understand that hiring can take time, and ask if they have an updated timeline. But thats really the only follow-up you should be doing. After that, its really up to them to get back to you. If they dont, move on with other employers dont keep checking in with them that will usually just be annoying and wont get you a decision any faster.Once an offer is out there, how much negotiation should take place?It depends on the offer If you earlier gave the employer the salary sortiment youre looking for and they offer you something at the high end of your range or even higher than your range asking for more would make you look like you were playing games or not operating in good faith. But outside of situations like that, it generally makes sense to negotiate, as long as you handle the discussion in a pleasant, professional and non-adversarial way, and as long as youre not asking for something wildly outside the market range for the position.Of course, that means that you need to be prepared and do some research beforehand so that you know what the market rate is. Dont try to wing it, or you can inadvertently ask for too much or too little.What do you think of job hopping?If you have a pattern of job hopping which in most fields means a pattern of multiple stays of two years or less thats a big concern for most employers. Most hiring managers will tell you that the best predictor of how someone will behave in the future is how theyve behaved in the past their track record. So if someone has a pattern of leaving jobs relatively quickly, an int erviewer will assume theres a good chance they wont stay long in a new position either. Since employers are generally hoping that anyone they hire will stay for at least a few years, a resume that shows little history of this is a red flag. Interviewers will assume you wont stay long with them either, and theyll wonder why youre unable or unwilling to stay in one place for a more typical amount of time.(The exception to this is jobs that were designed from the beginning to be short-term, like internships, temp work or contract jobs. In that case, youd just want to be sure that your resume makes it clear that these positions were designed to be short-term from the start, by noting contract job or something similar next to it.)How do you handle it when youre interviewing and you just know someone is not right for the job?If Im sure that its not the right match and its an easily articulable reason, Ill try to share it on the spot if I can for instance, explaining that were looking for someone with more of a hintergrund in X. However, a lot of the time its not as easy to capture in a single sentence or would lead to an awkward conversation (for instance, if the candidate seems like they wouldnt work well with others or just isnt sufficiently impressive, Im of course not going to announce that to someone). In those cases, you still want the candidate to go away with positive feelings and to feel like they got a ritterlich shot so you continue to be warm and open and to give them a fair shot, although you might wrap up the interview a bit faster than you would with a candidate who seemed very promising.How have companies, positions and job security changed throughout recent years?Competition for jobs is greater, for two reasons First, the economy means that there are more people searching for jobs than there are job openings. Second, the ease of applying for jobs online means that employers are flooded with hundreds of applications for every opening they post. For the job seeker, that means that where in the past you might have been up against a few dozen other candidates, today youre usually competing against several hundred others. That means that employers can be a lot pickier about who they hire. Because employers have so many qualified candidates to choose from, simply meeting the job qualifications isnt nearly enough these days. That also means that its harder for less perfectly qualified candidates to stretch up to a job that in previous years they might have been able to get more easily.What inspired you to create Ask a Manager?At the time, I was the chief of staff for an organization where I kept seeing evidence that job seekers and employees would benefit so much from getting more of an understanding of how managers think. And while there were a lot of career blogs out there, I didnt see anyone giving advice from the perspective of a manager a source that would explain to people, Okay, heres what your manager (or interviewer) is t hinking when you say X, or, Heres what your manager means when she says Y to you. I felt like that could be really helpful to people somewhere they could go and figure out how their manager might be thinking.Of course, when I started the blog back in 2007, I didnt think it would get much interest. I figured Id write it for a few months and get it out of my system. Seven years later, Ive answered more than 6,000 reader questions at the site and its still going strong which has been really gratifying.Whats your favorite part about writing Ask a Manager?My mail is full of letters from people who tell me that the site helped them get a better job, or negotiate a higher salary, or leave a toxic boss, or become a better manager, or even just be able to go on interviews without anxiety and thats an amazing feeling. Ill never get tired of those letters.

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Heres Why You Can Cross Find Work Clothes Off Your To-Do List

Heres Why You Can Cross Find Work Clothes Off Your To-Do List Whether or bedrngnis you like shopping, its no fun when it feels like a chore. Finding clothes for work can often feels like just another item on your weekend To-Do list (when work is exactly what youd rathernotbe thinking about).Enter MM.LaFleur. Founded in 2013 by Sarah LaFleur, Miyako Nakamura, and Narie Foster, the companys goal is to help professional women take the work out of dressing for work. They believe shopping for clothes shouldnt be a source of stress and frustration (dont we all have enough on our plates?) -- so they simplify the process.Photo via MM.LaFleurHow Does MM.LaFleur Work?MM.LaFleuroffers a signature stylist-enabled Bento Box, as well as an e-commerce site and personal stylist appointments. In short, the company makes it easy to put together outfits that are tailored to your individual needs. We entwurf and produce all of our own clothing, based directly on the feedback we hear from women about the ir requirements, MM.LaFleur CMO Annie Thorp explains.With a design team coming from such high-end fashion houses and brands as Zac Posen, Jason Wu and Theory, MM.LaFleurs pieces are created with not only meticulous attention to detail, but also with convenience in mind (many are wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable, or feature pockets).Photo via MM.LaFleurWhat Is the History of MM.LaFleur?MM.LaFleur has grown quite quickly. What began as a group of eight at the beginning of 2014 grew to 50 by early 2016 -- and now there are around 150 employees. Still, the team is careful to keep a close eye on all aspect of the business.We continue to manage our own supply chain and logistics, even keeping inventory and fulfillment in-house, Thorp says. Despite our growing size and scale, we maintain a meticulous focus on product and each step of the customer journey. We take a lot of pride in what we doLike any growing company, MM.LaFleur has had to learn to adapt to various situations and challeng es. In their case, e-commerce hasnt been easy. It turns out that on a 2-D, backlit screen, almost no one can tell the difference between a $250 black dress and a $50 black shift dress, Thorp explains. And we realized the only way to sell quality through the web was to let people experience it before buying it.Thats why they developed the Bento -- a stylist-curated box that is shipped to a customer after she fills out a brief online survey about her lifestyle, preferences, and body type. Upon receiving the items, customers can take 4 days to decide what they want to keep -- and theyre charged for those items only. The Bento Box was launched in 2014, and MM.LaFleurs salestripledovernight.Itsa complicated model to manage, Thorp says, but it has changed everything about how we interact with and sell to our customers.Indeed, the companys willingness to adapt and respond to its customers has paid off.Photo via MM.LaFleurWhy Should Women Shop MM.LaFleur?Fast Company hailed MM.LaFleur asone of the top 10 innovationsthat improved womens lives in 2016 -- and the team reallyisall about helping other women. Theyre inspired by other women-led companies like Fairygodboss, Maven Clinic (a digital clinic for women) andEllevest(which helps women with financial planning and investing). Were a company founded by women, run by women, and designed to celebrate the lifestyle and choices of professional women, Thorp explains, adding that MM. LaFleur encourages active conversations around issues that impact women and has instituted HR policies that are mindful of the needs of women in the workplace. Part of that has been recognizing that womens lives work better when there is a sharing of work at home, which led us to offer 3 months maternity and paternity leave to all MM.LaFleur employees.MM.LaFleurs culture certainly reflects these ideals their employees work collaboratively and creatively, often thinking outside the box in terms of what a fashion company can or should be. We also give back to the broader community of women, focusing our giving efforts on causes that champion under served women in the workplace, Thorp says. This has, in turn, stimulated internal conversation about how we as a brand can continue to build and lead a community of engaged professional female leaders.Other Womens Work Brands to KnowHeres a list of other affordable brands like MM.LaFleur for those of you looking for similar options.Dagne DoverMargauxCitizens MarkCuyanaOf MercerFairygodboss is committed to improving the workplace and lives of women. Join us by reviewing your employer

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When Is It Okay to Say #8216;No#8217; at Work

When Is It Okay to Say 8216No8217 at Work Hello, this is Laura Lee Rose. I am a speaker,an author, and anexpert in time and project management. I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs create effective systems so that they can comfortably delegate to others, be more profitable, and have time to enjoy life. At the end of the day, I transform the way you run your geschftsleben into a business you love to run. In todays installment of my column, Im going to tackle a question hastouched on beforeWhen, if ever, is it okay to say no at work?This situation comes up in many different flavorsfor employees working for a company or corporationfor managers answeringtheiremployees requestsand for business owners answering to their clientsAlthough theabovelist is not exhaustive, it does give you the idea that regardless of what role you play inanorganization be it employee, manager, or owner you will always have someone that you need to answer to. And sometimes, that answer is going to be no. Were always worried about saying no at work, but its never the answer that gets us into trouble its how and why we give that answer that does us in. The great news about this is that we can always control the how, and sometimes even the why.The key is to be very clear about your overall goals and long-term plans. If the current situation does not hilfe your overall goals or long-term plans,than it should be a candidate for one of the Four Ds delegation, deletion, delaying, or diminishing.Its Okay to Say No at Work When Youve Done These Things1.Co-created a professional business commitment plan with your manager.This is a documented that clearly states your career goals, your current roles and responsibilities, and your SMART goals that support your business commitment goals.2)Co-created an individual development plan with your manager.This document states your career path and car eer goals. It lists the skills that you need to develop and the things to need to accomplish toreach the next level of your career.3)Understood your managers business commitment plans and how your current role and responsibilities support both his and yourprofessional business commitment plans.Once you have done the above, you can intelligently decide if anyrequest in front of you supports the previously agreed upon road map. If the request doesnt match your goals, then you can work with your manager to find another solution (i.e., modify the request so that it does fit your goals delegate the taskto someone into whose professional business commitment planit does fitdetermine if the essence of the goal can be accomplished by some other means).The bottom line is to work with your manager or whomever it is you are answering to in order to find an alternative way to accomplish the essence of the goal if not the exact task itself.For more information on everything discussed here, inc luding the Four Ds and professional business commitment plans, why dont we schedule an appointment, where I get to know more about your unique situation? I will be happy to make recommendations on what your best steps are moving

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5 Ways Your Cover Letter Just Killed Your Chances

5 Ways Your Cover Letter Just Killed Your Chances5 Ways Your Cover Letter Just Killed Your ChancesThat blank page sure is intimidating How to fill it? Do you fill it? Should you cover letter be long or short? Should it be formal or friendly? Should it be funny, perhaps? Its easy to load up your cover letter with all the wrong stuff, so lets talk about how to avoid the key mistakes that are killing your chances.Im outlining 5 key points in this video that you can address today, because I believe in giving actionable steps, bedrngnis just theory. If you have a weakness or a gap in your experience, tune in. Also youll find out the critical wrong thing that will kill your chances every time.No reason to have the cover letter knock you out, especially if youre otherwise a strong candidate. If youre not getting responses to job opportunities that you know youre perfectly suited for, then you need to find out more of what the smart jobseekers are doing that gets them hired. Were talking abo ut that in our free online program, 3 Simple Steps To Cut Your Job Search Time In HALF 1 of the key things youll learn to do is direct your cover letter and resume straight to the correct decision makers, and how to increase the likelihood that theyll actually respond

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Sir Robert Peels Principles of Policing

Sir Robert Peels Principles of PolicingSir Robert Peels Principles of PolicingAt various times throughout recent history, the public and versicherungspolice forces around the country and around the world have seemed at odds with each other. While many within the law enforcement community are quick to ascribe these tensions to the unfortunate result of an increasingly entitled society, they all too often remain ignorant of- or unwilling to explore- the role of the police force in contributing to the apparent discord between the community and the police who protect them. A Surprisingly Young Profession Some forget, and many do leid even know, that the modern history of the police force as we know it is leid a long one, not even 200 years old. The concept of a modern, organized, and uniformed police force was only first established in 1829 in Londonand didnt make its way across the pond to the U.S. until 1845 when the NYPD was organized. Public Distrust of Police is Not New Ther e was much resistance then, as there is now, to the idea of a uniformed, armed, occupying force patrolling the streets of the community. To address that resistance and assure the public of the good intentions and important benefits that a police force can provide, Sir Robert Peel, at the time the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom (and later two-term Prime Minister), published what are now famously known as the Nine Peelian Principles. These principles outline the purpose and the mission of policing and provide admonishments for police forces so that they do not lose sight of why they exist and who they serve. Sir Robert Peels nine principles, paraphrased below, are perhaps more necessary now than ever before, and those within and without the law enforcement community would do well to recall and adhere to them The purpose of the police force is to prevent crime and maintain order.Police depend on the approval and trust of the public in order to effectively do their jobs.The ultima te goal of policing is to achieve voluntary compliance with the law in the community.Police must be unwavering in their duties and adherence to the law, maintaining impartiality and avoiding the temptation to be swayed by public opinion.Police must recognize that the more cooperation they can achievewithinthe community, theless often they will need to use force to achieve compliance with the law. Police must maintain the public favor and cooperation by providing impartial and independent law enforcement services, as opposed to succumbing and pandering to the whims of the public. They must extend the same courtesy and respect to everyone, regardless of economic or social standing.The use of force and physical control is to be used as a last resort, only when other forms of persuasion have failed.Police officers must remember that they, too, are members of the public and that their purpose is to serve and protect the public. The true measure of the effectiveness of any police force is not the number of arrests or police actions taken, but the absence of criminal conduct and violations of the law. Getting Police Back to Basics The ultimate goal of any officer is to protect the life and property of the public they serve, all while upholding the laws of the land and respecting individual rights. The job is not so complicated as it is sometimes made out to be. Police are called to be guardians, not warriors. When officers are properly oriented toward problem-solving and public service, communities are better served and trust between police and public is preserved. By remembering the principles laid out for law enforcement by Sir Peel not so long ago, it is possible that police forces around the world can begin the healing process communities so desperately need. In this way, we can better keep both the members of the public and our brave brothers and sisters in law enforcement safe so that everyone makes it home at the end of their shift.

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How to Find the Best City for Your Next Accounting Job

How to Find the Best City for Your Next Accounting JobHow to Find the Best City for Your Next Accounting JobThinking of moving? Maybe youre after a change of scenery, or perhaps your current drehort doesnt have many accounting job opportunities. Whether youre a student preparing for your first job or a seasoned accountant ready for a new challenge, you may be wondering how to choose the best city for you and your career.The world is big, and moving is a major life change - exciting but also a little scary. A city-by-city comparison can help narrow down your options and focus your job search. Here are some tips for deciding on where you should resettle.1. Know yourselfThe United States has 50 states, several territories and thousands of metropolitan areas, each with their good and not-so-good qualities. A smart first step when picking the best city is to understand your personal priorities and values.Whats more important to you - a location with plenty of lucrative finance jobs or a low cost of living? Perhaps your desire for vibrant cultural options and good weather surpasses all other factors? Make a list of all the attributes you seek in your dream city, and then rank them in order of importance.2. Identify your best cityInformation is key to pinpointing the best city for you. Now that you have a rough idea of what factors you prioritize, you can use the Robert Half City Comparison Tool. This interactive app asks you to use a sliding scale to indicate your preference for four overarching factors career prospects, quality of life, cost of living and cultural diversity. Then it calculates a possible best city for you based on our research of the 25 largest metros in the U.S. Play with the tool to find other locales that may suit your preferences and life goals.Which 10 cities offer the best career prospects? See our slideshow below.3. Evaluate the job marketThe city comparison tool is a good way to focus your job search on the best city for you. Now that you have a short list of places relative to your personal preferences, its time to take a look at the finance and accounting market in those locations.What are salary ranges for corporate and public accounting jobs, and how do they compare with the areas cost of living? Are there certain employers there - Big Four accounting firms, multinational company headquarters - that excite you and look promising for your accounting career? What is the unemployment rate like? Take all that information and shuffle around the cities on your list.Read How to Compare Accounting and Finance Salaries By City on the Robert Half Blog.4. Consider your partnerWhen youre in a long-term relationship, you need to also keep in mind your significant others job prospects. Some couples do just fine apart, but most do not.If your partner is open to moving as well, take his or her career goals into account. Some people have very niche professions. For example, if you want to open a public accounting firm in your s mall hometown but your husband is in the entertainment industry, he may have trouble finding work there. In other words, make it the best city for both of you, not just one party. Be sure to set aside time to discuss potential job changes with your significant other.5. Dig into job listingsA good next step is to search for current job openings in a potential best city. The ideal accounting job description details the employers corporate culture, specific job duties of the position and the required and preferred career skills of top candidates. Perhaps one of the reasons youre considering a move is for a better work-life balance. If so, keep an eye out for companies that highlight perks such as flextime and telecommuting options.The natural places to look for job postings are job boards. Be sure to also check out other career tools that are more tailored toward accountants.Visit the Accounting and Finance Professionals Career Center for more job search tools.PICK YOUR CITY, SEARCH FO R JOBS6. Increase your connectionsAnother way to make a successful best city comparison is by putting your networking skills to work. Reach out to your colleges alumni organization in each city on your list. Check on LinkedIn to see whether a former colleague or classmate is located in the areas you find compelling. Its worth the effort to attend conferences and networking events in several locations on your best city list.Before you take these road trips, be sure your accounting resume and social media profiles are current and in tip-top shape. Also prepare and refine your elevator pitch. You never know who youll meet and what exciting opportunities might arise.Although in-person meetings are most effective, they do take time and money. Thats why you should also be networking in online chat rooms and via social media.7. Take a temporary jobAfter youve decided on the best city for you, it may be worthwhile to do a trial run. This is a smart move, especially if youre a recent grad or between jobs and dont have to resign from a current position.When you take on temporary employment, you have the chance to evaluate a location in much more depth than a short visit would allow, all while earning a decent paycheck. Project-based work can also help you develop skills, gain experience and make important new contacts in a new city. Interim work gives you the flexibility, resources and time necessary to find the best city for you.The best-case scenario is that you love your new home, and the temporary gig develops into a full-time role. But if things dont pan out, youre free to try again somewhere else.Accounting is a wonderfully portable career. Your skills as a CPA allow you to find satisfying, well-compensated jobs in practically all corners of the U.S. (You may need a reciprocal license, depending on what state you move to and what types of services you perform, according to the AICPA.)Doing a city comparison is a worthwhile endeavor, and finding the best city for y ou can open doors that you hadnt considered before. As an accounting professional, this is a career risk worth taking. And after your move, you may discover that what started as a need for a change of scenery has turned into a rewarding new trajectory in an exciting field. 10 Cities with the Best Career Prospects from Robert Half

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Customize this Outstanding Adoption Specialist Resume Sample

Customize this Outstanding Adoption Specialist Resume SampleCustomize this Outstanding Adoption Specialist Resume SampleCreate Resume Molly Jones100 Broadway LaneNew Parkland, CA, 91010Cell (555) 987-1234example-emailexample.comProfessional SummaryOrganized and efficient Adoption Specialist trained in working with children and prospective parents. Capable of administering tests to parents, overseeing meetings between parents and children and filing adoption paperwork. Strong experience working with the biological parents of children as well.Core QualificationsInterviewing Prospective ParentsFiling Adoption PaperworkState/Federal Adoption LawsAdministering Personality TestsHome InspectionsBackground ResearchExperienceAdoption Specialist, August 2013 March 2015New Cityland Foster Services New Cityland, CAPerformed home inspections to look for problems that might disqualify prospective parentsTalked with children to find out if they felt comfortable with people adopting themWorked wi th biological parents and filed paperwork that terminated their legal and paternal rightsAdministered tests that determined if applicants were suitable for taking children into their homes and adopting those childrenOversaw meetings designed to introduce kids to fhigkeit parentsTransported children to and from foster homes and other locationsAdoption Specialist, July 2012 June 2013California Social Services Los Angeles, CAWorked with local foster care offices to identify children ready for adoptionAttended private sessions to counsel children and make them feel more comfortable about moving to permanent homesInterviewed prospective parents to talk about their reasons for adoption and other topicsPerformed inspections of homes before and after adoptions to ensure children were safe and healthyEducation2012 Bachelor of Social WorkUniversity of California Los Angeles, CACustomize Resume